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A minibar that adapts to your needs


Minibar Systems continues its long tradition of innovation and
experience in minibar automation! Our engineers and designers
have created the world?s most technologically advanced minibar:

Winner of the 2006 IH/M&RS Editorâ??s Choice Awards
(Best in Show, Best Product - Technology)
Winner of a HITEC 2007 Favorite Solutions Award

MAIN FEATURESâ?¢ Traditional honour bar with key lock
â?¢ Upgradeable to FLEXI or AUTOMATED models
â?¢ Several door styles
â?¢ Adjustable racking
â?¢ Large capacity
â?¢ Automatic defrost
â?¢ Optional internal/external lighting
â?¢ Optional LED usage indicator light
In addition to CLASSIC features:â?¢ Electronic lock
â?¢ Keyless locking and unlocking
â?¢ Reports door openings
â?¢ S3 reporting software
â?¢ Handheld unit tracks sales/refill
â?¢ Upgradeable to AUTOMATED
â?¢ Optional SmartTrays or single
water sensors

In addition to FLEXI features:
â?¢ Fully automated with intelligent
infrared sensors
â?¢ Self-diagnostic S3 reporting
â?¢ Comprehensive management reports
â?¢ Optional SmartTray(s) or single
water sensor(s)

BENEFITSâ?¢ 40% labour savings over
manual operation
â?¢ Remote locking and unlocking
â?¢ Better control
â?¢ 60% labour savings
â?¢ Lowest allowances
â?¢ Minimal guest disturbances
â?¢ Additional operational support tools
â?¢ Remote service capability
BENEFITSâ?¢ Faster refills due to LED
usage indicator light
â?¢ Glass door increases sales
â?¢ Low energy consumption

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